The Farm

The Farm

The Farm

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1h 20m 2019 HD

Watch the farm Putlocker. The young couple Nora (Nora Yessayan) and Alec (Alec Gaylord) are on their way back from a long road trip. In a desert town they want to take a break, but when they wake up the next morning when they wake up the next morning, they are no longer in the motel they motel where they had actually checked in. Overnight, the by a group of crazed killers wearing animal masks, have been abducted. What would happen if people were treated like cattle for slaughter? On the farm, this horrific idea comes true. As Nora and Alec soon find out, they are not the only ones locked in cages, fattened and fed cages, fattened up and fed by their torturers, only to be slaughtered, disemboweled and eaten as a delicacy by their torturers. For the young couple begins a fight for bare survival.

The Farm (2019)
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